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Aesthetic Toys: Intro

When we were kids, we would play with a lot of toys. We either got those toys as gifts for special occasions like our birthdays, any kind of festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali or Christmas (which is actually one of the most well known festivals for gifting toys to children, thanks to the idea of Santa Claus) and many more. A lot of us would also beg our parents or close relatives to get us a toy once we liked it in a store or anywhere else. Even as adults, we cannot help but still get fascinated by the look of a cute little stuffed toy or plushie at the mall. Those cute little plushies are as soft as cotton, and they are really squishy, as a result of which they are also incredibly comforting. Toys are not just plushies though, they can be made of plastic, cloth, jute and even wood. One of the best places to find different kinds of toys are fairs. There are tons of stalls there which sell super cute toys, plus there are also a ton of games stalls as well where upon winning any of those games, you could be prized with something super cool.

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Aesthetic Toys

Suppose you are invited to someone’s birthday party, and that birthday is of a small kid. You may or may not be directly related to that kid, but regardless, you were invited and it is only fair that you would want to give the child something nice, something they will be able to use and something that will be cost effective too. Although giving a cute stuffed toy is probably going to be the first thing you will think of, only a little more thought could help you get even better options. If you are in such a position and would really like to gain some reference before going shopping, take a look at this list:


  • Interactive toys are a great way to enable children’s learning abilities. A stuffed toy is always a great gift option, but humans are naturally curious creatures, and children are even more so. So as adults, we only want them to learn things more and more. When interactive toys are given, children can do the activities on their own that will help them to learn and grow. So if you are going to give someone a gift, especially if it is a child, be sure to look for interactive toys.
  • If the child you will be giving a gift to is a little older, say around six to eight years old, one of the best gift options for them would be board games. If you are a close relative of the child, then you can teach them to play that game, or have their parent teach them. Games like these also facilitate a great bonding moment. However, fun games like Barbie houses, Hot Wheelz cars and such should also get space on your list.
  • Even though we associate children when we think of toys, there is also another classification of toys that are meant for our little pets. To most people, their pets are like their kids, which is exactly how it should be. So it is only fair that they too should have toys for themselve.
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