Elden Ring Meme

The origin of this meme dates back to 2019. Elden Ring is a very popular & well known video game. This game was created by the studio “From Software”. This is the same studio which created the famous Dark Souls. The story of this game is top notch because it was written by the famous author of Game of Thrones, Gerorge RR Martin. The development of this game began in 2017 after Dark Souls but the announcement was made in 2019. The trailer gained 1.8 million views in week. As it became more and more famous, the memes began to land and it increased proportionally (Elden Ring Meme). 


We know that the gaming community is one of the biggest communities of the world and the meme spread like a fire. Elden ring was one the most talked about games so the memes became very popular. Gamers could share this meme with their friends and create a sense of togetherness they had for this game. For gamers, games are not just games but they have their feelings & emotions attached to it. And memes made this process even more wholesome.

These memes spreaded virally from one person to another across the gaming community. The online presence of this game was pretty huge, it quickly gained 65K followers on twitter. Similarly on reddit it quickly gained 24K followers. Various memes started getting posted on these pages gaining many points. Some of the most famous memes were – Fia hug, no maidens, touch grace etc.



Maidens are a concept which allow you to level up in the game. “No madiens?” is a phrase characters repeat when you have no maidens

  • A picture of mega mind’s villain with a sad face : “NO MAIDENS” (Elden Ring Meme)
  • 5 year old me when I realise my dad has bought no gifts for me on Christmas : “NO MAIDENS?”
  • Parody of Will Smith slapping at the Oscars : Keep my maiden’s name out of your mouth!
  • My teacher asking for my homework for the 4th time : WHERE ARE YOUR MAIDENS, CHILD?!


Instead of lighting a bonfire like in the previous games, there is a task to touch graces in the game. The touch “grace” phrase was replace with famous “touch grass” phrase

  • “Stop scrolling memes and go touch same grace outside your house.”
  • Others : Go touch some grass outside

Me : *Touches graces in elden rings*

  • Others : Go touch grass, stop playing games

Me : *Who has grass on my keyboard*

FIA HUG: Elden Ring Meme

There is woman in elden ring who offers to hug the player as they want in contrast to the other characters in the game who call the player “maidenless” or tell them to “touch grace”

  • A picture of a frog waiting : Me waiting to hug fia to negatively impact my experience.
Elden Ring Meme
Magical look of Elden Ring Meme
  • A picture of sad Fia’s face : No hugs???
  • Fia standing in a mall with a board in her hand which says : FREE HUGS


Memes have become an integral part of our social media culture now. Every social media : Twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit etc has memes. All of these platforms have memes for one good reason : They make us happy. We might be depressed or sad due to various problems in our life. In the era of 2022, everyone has problems. Starting from teenagers to adults, we all fight our own circumstances and forget to smile everyday because we are stressed.

But thanks to the meme culture we get to see funny jokes, share them with our loved ones. This sharing in fact creates a cycle of sending and receiving which human beings tend to like and enjoy. People might not realize but memes play a significant role in our day to day life to make us feel more happier and relaxed.

Elden Ring Meme on Twitter

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