Elesa Pokemon

Pokemon: Elesa

The Unova region’s gym in Nimbasa City is led by Elesa Pokemon. The player character’s fourth challenge will be to this gym. She is an expert user of Electric-type Pokémon. If beaten, she will give the player avatar the Bolt Badge. That was in Pokemon Black & White where she made her debut. Elesa, like the other Unova gym leaders, also works as a supermodel in addition to her role as a gym leader.

Pokemon: Elesa Appearance

Elesa is indeed a tall, incredibly thin young lady. Her blue eyes are brilliant and almond-shaped.

Her In Dark And Light: Elesa Pokemon

Elesa has blonde, short hair. She is sporting headphones with lengthy wires on the sides that are red, white, and blue. A black top that exposes Elesa’s chest is covered by a yellow sleeveless top. Elesa is dressed in a black shirt that exposes her belly in two places over a yellow sleeveless top, heavy opaque black tights, & vivid yellow stiletto heels.

Her In White 2 And Black 2: Elesa Pokemon

Elesa has two braids in the shape of diamonds and short, black hair with long extensions. She is dressed in a wide, puffy yellow coat, a pair of red and blue ballerina flats, and a blue & yellow two-piece outfit with a crop top and extremely short shorts. A buckle with a hexagonal form connects her top to her shorts. Additionally, Elesa is sporting brand-new headphones with cone-shaped spikes sticking out of each earpiece, the right spike being red as well as the left spike being blue. She also has blue color on her left hand and red on her dominant hand of nail polish (Elesa Pokemon).

Elesa Pokemon: Bio

Dark and Light

Bianca’s father approaches her when the player first leaves the Pokémon Musical and orders her to follow him home. Elesa intervenes, though, and persuades Bianca’s father to permit Bianca to continue her voyage. Because of this, Bianca comes to idolize Elesa and aspires to be a supermodel like her. She then informs the player that she is waiting for them in the gym. After beating her, she confronts Clay on Route 5 and requests that he lower the drawbridge. As soon as it does, she bids the player luck and goes back to the gym.

Elesa Pokemon
Best of Elesa Pokemon

She then emerges among the other Unova Gym Leaders, excluding Cilan, Chili, as well as Cress, and engages in combat with the Seven Sages to let the player proceed. She will be at her gym for the remainder of the game.

White 2 and Black 2

Her hair is now black, and she’s wearing more exposed clothing. Her gym has a catwalk concept. She is revealed to be great pals with Skyla through the Memory Link, and she wanted to practice cracking jokes to shatter the stereotype of a serious look that everyone has of her, which irritates her.

Skyla calls her out on her use of horrible puns, but Elesa maintains it by doing so, people are going to make fun of her and allow a fresh approach. Such a method, in Skyla’s opinion, is outdated and should be accepted with grace. When Elesa requests Skyla not to call her “Shirley,” implying that it is not her real name (and making a reference to the movie titled Airplane in the process), the two decide to engage in a Pokémon battle.

Elesa’s Personality

At first glance, Elesa appears to be quite a composed and stoic person. She worries that because of her outstanding good looks, people might not perceive her as a fun-loving person, and she feels self-conscious about this. Like most Gym Leaders of her kind, Elesa wants to demonstrate her abilities through style and a performance (Elesa Pokemon).

Elesa also enjoys making terrible puns. This is tapped into in Pokémon Masters, when she creates a number of puns based on the Pokémon.


  • Her official title as Japanese Leader is “Shining Beauty.”
  • She is the sole female Gym Leader of the Electric type.
  • As one of the rare female Gym Leaders with more male than female Pokémon, she is unique.
  • In Pokémon Black & White 2, Elesa is the only revisiting Unova Gym Leader who has undergone remodeling. She underwent another revamp just for Pokémon Masters.
  • The series’s first prominent fashion icon is Elesa.
  • Elesa’s stoic appearance and robot-like accessories, like her headphones as well as their cables, are based on how real-life models are labeled as trying to act emotionlessly and looking like robots, according to Nintendo DREAM. Elesa’s slim legs were also expected to be particularly slim on purpose to emphasize that she is a model (which can explain why she had stiletto heels in her initial design).

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