Furfrou Pokemon

Furfrou Pokemon is a normal type of Pokémon which is introduced in the generation VI. While it is not known to involve into or any other form of Pokémon, Furfrou can have its hair trimmed into the nine different types of styles to changes its appearance, The various styles of the Furfrou include the Star, Diamond, Heart, Pharaoh, Kabuki, La Reine, Matron, Dandy, and Debutante Trim. A trimmed fur of Furfrou will get back into its Natural Form if five days have passed since it was trimmed without being collected in the PC, or if it is collected in the Generation VI or got withdrawn from Generation VII in the PC.

Furfrou Pokemon: Biology

Furfrou Pokemon is basically a quadrupedal, canine Pokémon with thick and white fur that covers its black body apart from its paws and face. The fur on the Furfrou is thicker and fluffier around its head and tail. It has round and red eyes with blue eyelids, a pointed snout with a round, light blue nose, and long rectangular ears. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Furfrou is mainly seen with its fur trimmed and dyed into the several styles.

Furfrou Pokemon
Best of Furfrou Pokemon

However, only those he trusts are allowed to cut its fur. In the time of the past, the aristocrats would even get competed over who could trim Furfrou’s fur into the most unique style. Cutting its fur increases the swiftness and softness of its movements. It used to protect the king in the ancient times of Kalos and is also known to be loyal to its trainer.

Furfrou Pokemon: Trivia

  • Furfrou is one of the Pokémon in which their main appearance can be customized at any time.
  • Furfrou was once accidentally leaked in a trailer showcased during the time of a Pokémon Direct.
  • In the Luminose city next to Friseur Furfrou, there is a café which is known as Café Woof, which is one of the gathering places for Furfrou admirers who call themselves as Furfroumers.
  • Furfrou was unintentionally or mistakenly got revealed in a Pokémon Direct on September 4, 2013.
  • Furfrou is the only Pokémon with having a catch rate of 160.


Furfrou Pokemon is totally based on a poodle, which is a breed of dog that is very much common in France. This also explains the Furfrou’s loyalty, honesty, and intelligence, as poodles are very loyal and intelligent in the real life. Furfrou are mainly seems to be based on a poodle. Their Natural Form also seems to draw some inspiration from the Afghan Hounds.

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