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Gold Aesthetic: One item that hasn’t faded over the years is gold (metaphorically speaking). For a variety of various reasons, investors from all over the world want to put money into gold. Some people want to purchase this gold as the finest investment in the United Arab Emirates, while others want to purchase it as clothing accessories, gifts, or as a backup plan for the future. People love to purchase gold, display it, sell it, and even talk about it. So why wouldn’t you be interested in learning where in the globe you may get pure gold? So why wouldn’t you be interested in learning where in the globe you may get pure gold?

Here’s a list of top 5 places in the world to buy gold: Gold Aestheti UAE’s Dubai

The thought of purchasing gold quickly comes to mind when you consider Dubai. Dubai, which began with gold dealing, is today widely associated with the purchase of gold. If you don’t believe it, just check out the joyous throng and spectacular gold displays at the Gold Souk neighbourhood of Deira. You will be stunned when you witness the magnificent show, with shop windows absolutely covered with gold ornaments! Keep an eye out for Dhanteras and Diwali sales and discounts where you may purchase gold at a discount with a variety of exquisite designs.

Thailand’s Bangkok: Gold Aesthetic

Bangkok is a great place to shop, but due to the low margins and the abundance of options, purchasing gold here is much more enjoyable. Yaoworat Road in China Town is the one location in Bangkok where you can buy gold with absolute confidence. There, a long row of gold jewellery stores welcome you with exquisite creations. While purchasing gold in Bangkok, use cautious since the grade of the metal may not be as good as it seems. You may buy gold with confidence on Yaoworat Road, which is also your one-stop shop for jewellery.

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Hong Kong: Gold Aesthetic

It is not surprising that Hong Kong is on this list of excellent locations to buy gold given its reputation as a centre for shopping and fantastic deals. This Diwali, make a journey to Hong Kong to do your shopping and get the best deals on gold. Hong Kong is also one of the busiest marketplaces for dealing gold in the world and sets prices for other regions. Taking advantage of this position of strength, purchasing fine gold jewellery in Hong Kong might be a fantastic bargain. Instead of purchasing jewellery that is already made, Hong Kong goldsmiths also offer the option of having custom jewellery made.

Kerala’s Cochin

Keralan wedding customs place a high value on the bride’s gold jewellery and other ornaments, as well as the giving and receiving of gold gifts. This love of gold continues during the Diwali holiday, when women don their finest gold jewellery. Gold is one of the most popular investments in Kerala, thus it makes sense that during Dhanteras, gold is bought and sold here with great fervour.


Did you know that Switzerland is one of the best countries in Europe for buying and storing gold? We’ve all heard of Switzerland as a fantastic spot for designer watches and delectable chocolates. Many amounts of gold are kept in those renowned Swiss bank accounts, and many Europeans and Indians travel to this tax haven to purchase gold. After selecting from the most exquisite designs created by master artisans who transmit the skills down through generations, purchase jewellery or gold bars in Zurich.

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