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Music is something that soothes our soul. It has also been proven as one of the best forms of therapy and not only does it work for humans, be it adults or children, but they also has been seen to be effective for animals also. Music therapy was also characterized as an essential for treatment of Alzheimer’s. Even though Alzheimer’s is a neurological degenerative disease, with the help of music, patients have gotten to feel much better and were even seen to remember the lyrics of the song that they were listening to. Such is the power of music. Music is also something that does not need to created through mastering an instrument or knowing how to sing. You can easily feel better just by listening to music or humming a tune. But there is also great pleasure and relaxation in playing an instrument.

Almost all artistic things have certain genres. Whether it is books, movies, art and even makeup, they all have genres. These genres can be of several types, but upon broader classification, they basically fall under three categories – soft, neutral and extreme. Similarly, music also has genres.

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Hard Rock Aesthetic

We already established that music has different genres. One of the most popular genres of music that is hard across the world is hard rock or metal. It is normal for non-rock listeners to find this particular genre to be quite overwhelming, but those who listen to it like it very much. If you are looking for some hard rock aesthetics, you have come to the right place as we will be showing you some through this list:

  • When we talk about hard rock, two instruments that come to our mind are drums and electric guitar. These are the main instruments with which the melody of rock music is created. Although the lyrics are written by songwriters, without the proper instruments, the essence of the music cannot be recorded. Just like how instruments like piano and flute are used to creating soft, pleasant  music, similarly electric guitar and drums are mostly used for creating loud, energizing rock music.
  • Rock music started coming into place mainly in the 60s. Gradually, this music then started to take a bigger, bolder shape in the 70s and the rock scene only kept expanding. Although the scene around pop music has witnessed more expansion throughout the ages, rock has not failed to make its mark. Even though it is pretty common seeing pop songs everywhere, rock music is also very popular among the masses.
  • If you are someone who is planning on getting into rock music and thinking about what artists to begin with, the internet is the best place for you to do your research at.  Some of the most popular rock bands so far are Nirvana, The Beatles, Type O Negative, Ramstein and more. Apart from this, there are also many heavy metal bands like Pierce The Veil and My Chemical Romance. You can search their most popular songs and watch music videos online. Aoart from this, there are many underground artists who make great music, so if you want to listen to some relatively fresh music, be sure to check out works from jdnerfoi
Aesthetic Hard Rock

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