Nails For Kids

Nails For Kids: Introducation

Some children enjoy expressing themselves and flaunting their style whenever possible, whether through clothing or accessories. Another great way for them to express themselves is through nail art, and there are so many cute nail designs for kids that you can re-create or use as inspiration for something a little different. There are numerous kid-manicure ideas available, whether they can sit for a detailed design or only have enough patience for one coat of a solid colour before wanting to run around again (Nails For Kids).

Rainbow Nails are a classic: Nails For Kids

This is my go-to for my rambunctious five-year-old. This cute nail design isn’t over the top, but the different colours give it a little more life than a single shade. Who doesn’t like rainbow nails?

The Confetti Effect

Another quick and easy nail design for kids is a sparkly or confetti-looking design. There are many different glitter polishes that can produce this effect, some with large chunks of glitter, others with fine specks, and some with a mix of both.


Fingernails can be easily transformed into watermelons. To draw those seed lines, you’ll need pink two shades if you want to stick to the design, green, and black polish, as well as a toothpick.

Designs that are abstract

This is a design for kids who can sit still, and it can be done in a variety of colour combinations and designs. Because it’s abstract, there’s no right or wrong way to create the various shapes; it’s all about what works for you.

Hearts and metallics

This nail design is a lot of fun because each finger has its own design, but they’re all made in different ways with the same polishes. The heart will most likely be the most difficult part of this design, so practise it on a piece of paper first before moving on to your child’s nails.

Nails For Kids
Nails For Kids: Class

Glitter & Solid Combination

Using the same colour polish in both solid and glitter styles results in some really cool nail art. You can mix it up in a variety of ways, such as in this photo, where only the tips of the pointer fingers are painted with glitter polish, while the rest of the fingers are completely covered.

Blue and green tones

This nail design is ideal for children who enjoy the colours green and blue. It has three different polishes and no clear pattern, but it works really well together and will stand out in the best way possible.

Colors that are ombre

To be honest, as cool as this nail design is, it may take some time to master. That being said, children will especially enjoy it because it can be done in a variety of colours ranging from blacks and greys to yellows and oranges (Nails For Kids).

Design with Marble

This manicure begins with three solid coloured nails, pink, purple, and teal, and then uses those three colours to create a marble effect on the remaining two nails. It all works so well together and is a simple design to execute because no one will notice if you make a mistake.

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