Nyx Ulric

The primary character and member of the Kingsglaive in Kingsglaive – Final Fantasy XV is Nyx Ulric. He is from Galahd, and when Niflheim attacks Lucis, he is tasked with guarding Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae.

Nyx Ulric: Early Life

In Galahd, Nyx grew up next to Libertus Ostium, with whom she had played in the River Galahd as a young child. In their hometown, Nyx & Libertus later managed a modest pub. The Wall used to enclose the region, but battle broke out thirty years ago, causing the Wall to fall, allowing Niflheim to annex Galahd. Nyx participated in the local Opposition against imperial persecution, but when his sister was assassinated, Lord Regis of Lucis intervened to save him.

After relocating to the Crown City, Nyx joined the Kingsglaive, an elite group of warriors whose members are picked for their propensity for magic. Nyx joined the Kingsglaive in an effort to pay back the monarch his debt. Titus Drautos, who rose to become the commander of the Kingsglaive, served as his mentor. Nyx began to look up to Drautos as a guide as a result of his numerous outstanding achievements.

Nyx Ulric: Etymology

In Greek mythology, Nyx is a primal goddess of the night.

Ulrich, which means ‘heritage ruler,’ is a name variation of Ulric. In middle English, the title Wulfric, which translates to ‘wolf ruler,’ also goes by this name.

Nyx Ulric: Appearance

Nyx is indeed a young fellow with blue eyes and dark grey hair. He dons the traditional black Glaive outfit, although his is embellished with a silver spike and otherwise horn on the cap, purple ribbons on the back, and blue-gray fur pelts on the left sleeve.

The two kukris Nyx uses as his hallmark weapons were fashioned in Insomnia and Galahd, respectively, and represent both of his native countries.

Nyx Ulric
Best of Nyx Ulric

Nyx has discreet, modest tattoos. On his cheekbone, he has a ‘crow’s foot,’ and under his left eye, he has a line and a dot. His ears, neck, right shin, and left forearm all have marks, as do intersecting lines on his neck. On his left hand’s middle finger and right hand’s forefinger, he also has lines running down them.

Nyx Ulric: Personality

Nyx Ulric is a brave person who owes King Regis gratitude. He is self-assured in his skills, but the memories of his sister’s passing haunts him, and it can cause him to experience flashbacks during conflicts whenever his companions are in danger of being unable to save her.

When asking for the strength from the ‘Ring of the Lucii’, Nyx refuses to pick between Libertus and Lunafreya, demonstrating his selflessness. Instead, Nyx decides to give his life to the ghosts of the previous Lucian kings, who give the ring’s potency to those they consider deserving in exchange for his life. Even if he is selfless, the old kings at first thought him to be undeserving because it may be taken as arrogance.


The abilities of the Lucian ruling family are expertly used by Nyx. Although he is skilled in close-quarters combat, he prefers to shift, which he achieves by tossing his kukris because they give him more reach when thrown.

Nyx Ulric
Impact of Nyx Ulric

He also employs a variety of other magical abilities, including the capacity to construct magical shields & the consequence of fire & lightning from the center of his hand. He grows even more potent and has the capacity to command the Old Wall when recognised deserving of the ‘Ring of the Lucii’.

His Relationships With Lunafreya And Libertus

  • Lunafreya

During his brief interactions with Luna, he kind of found a special crush on her and idealised her as something she was not: a princess he needed to save. After his death, the crush quickly subsided, but it is still important to note. Although she didn’t feel the same way about him, Luna nonetheless admired his service and saw him as a hero, in part because of his rudeness to her.

  • Libertus

Nyx & Libertus have been best friends for the entirety of their lives, and that is that. That is why it hurts the two of them so much when Nyx learns that Libertus lived and that he still has hope that one day, if he looks hard enough, he might find Nyx alive. Nyx is terribly hurt by how poorly his friend is handling that loss. But don’t worry, they eventually reconcile.

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