Orange French Tip Nails

We’ve seen the Y2K era, more like the hot pink era a lot over the years. There is no doubt that orange shade is taking over the internet by storm recently. Nails in this particular shade are suitable for any season. However, the shade Orange can be worn all through autumn and sometimes in summer as well. It is a pretty color that is extremely vibrant. It most definitely suits any complexion of skin. The color is a great choice for halloween (Orange French Tip Nails).

Orange nails do last long and look fresh all through the week. It is extremely fun to experiment with this color as it is more lively and cheerful. Although sometimes the color orange can leave a stain behind on the nails. One needs to be careful and take all measures regarding that. It is advised to not touch any turmeric or staining ingredients while wearing orange tips since the color might give a yellow hint to the nails.

French Tip With Orange: Nails

Every girl loves a french tip. Although these nails sprung in France, they are widely used by nail salons all over the world. French tips can be done on any nail length or shape but they would be absolutely amazing with almond nails!

A combination of french tip and orange is immaculate.

Different Nail Shapes: Orange French Tip Nails

A french tip on a coffin nail can be achieved by squaring up the very end of the nail with orange shade and creating an inverse triangle from there. It certainly gives an illusion of a stiletto this way.

Orange French Tip Nails
Class of Orange French Tip Nails

A classic almond or ballerina gives a lot of more access for french tips when going for a gel nail. The more one desires the color to be seen, the longer they may keep their nail length, irrespective of the nail shape.

Pairing With Other Colors: Orange French Tip Nails

Orange french tips are not boring. They can be fun when paired with a different color.  Mismatched french tips with white or black can be iconic. If one wants to go extra with the look, adding a few rhinestones and a glitter finish would pop the orange shade.

Not just the rhinestones, pearls can also be used instead of them (Orange French Tip Nails).

When going for orange french tips, it is not necessary that one needs to go for a plain base coat. It is upto the person about choosing their own base colors. Pale pink or a nudish shade would look stunning with an orange french tip. Although, keeping natural nails healthy would need no hinted base coats. These nails can be kept matte or glossy depending upon one’s taste.

Occasions Orange French Tips Can Be Worn To

Orange french tips are any woman’s go- to on her date. Keeping them glossy might give a chic look to the nails. They are not so dramatic but serve the purpose. These tips can be worn on gatherings of families and friends. Not to forget, the family parties or the carnivals, they are most suited.

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