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Radio Aesthetic:

We all know what a radio is. It is a rectangular box-like thing that is made using hard plastic and it has got some knobs with which we can tune the radio to get a signal and also to adjust its volume. When we talk about radio, the only thing that comes to mind is this particular structure that sometimes plays songs and sometimes broadcasts news. However, these rectangular boxes are actually called the stereo and the signal in which it operates is the actual radio signal. The radio signal that we take for granted today was discovered by a man named Guglielmo Marconi and on 13th May 1897, he unknowingly created history by sending the world’s first radio message across open water, which he did while he was visiting a seaside resort in Somerset. This experiment was later used during the tragic sinking of the Titanic and, though a lot of lives were lost, hundreds of lives were saved from the success of this experiment.

Radio signals were soon used for wireless communication during Wars and also to broadcast news as well as music towards people. There was a time when singing in a radio station was considered equivalent to that of a talent show shown on TV.

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Radio Aesthetic

Our generation often likes things that are vintage. However, though there are a bunch of devices available for people to use these days, radio has still held their importance. Do most people prefer watching TV or checking their phone for different information, radio also is as important. This is because radio is one of the easiest things to operate and they do not need charging or electrical connectivity.

Here is a list of radio aesthetics:

  • Stereos have retained their original quality. These stereos come with two knobs attached to them, where one is for finding the signals and the other is to adjust the volume. Most of the time, this volume knob is what is used to switch the stereo on as well as off. There is also another small knob situated at the back of the stereo which helps in adjusting the stations and signals. Usually, that knob remains situated at FM. The good thing about stereos is that they run on batteries. You can use both single use or rechargeable batteries on them.
  • FM radio has been available on mobile phones for a long time now. So, in order to listen to radio stations, you don’t necessarily need to own a stereo, as you can easily avail radio services from your phone only. Not just your phone though, radio is now available through television, as well as the internet too. You can listen to live radio by typing in the URL of the radio station on the search bar of your browser, and there you have it!
  • We all know that music and news are the two things that radios are used for these days, but radio signals are still used for a lot of different reasons, especially for communication. However, another reason why radio becomes a quintessential thing is Mahalaya. Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals observed by Bengali people. The beginning of this festival is marked by Mahalaya, and every year, the Mahalaya paath is played on radio at four in the morning on Doordarshan Bengali. This paath was read by Birendra Krishna Bhadra many decades ago, but the importance of it has still been immortalised in Bengal.
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