Roy Bevis

Roy Bevis (born January 1, 1982) is an English professional wrestler popularly known by his ring name Zebra Kid. He is the heir of wrestler and promoter Ricky Knight, and he frequently competed in his father’s promotions as Roy Knight. He recently launched The UK Hooligans with his younger brother, Zak Zodiac. Roy was previously married to Emily Trippett, with whom he has a daughter Summer and a son Leyton. He became a grandfather for the first time in January 2022, when his son Ricky welcomed his child Hadley into the universe on January 15th, 2022.

Roy Bevis Biography & Career:

Roy Bevis was born into a prestigious wrestling family. At the age of 13, he made his wrestling debut as the Zebra Kid, teaming up with the Canary Kid in a tag-team match against Jamie Lee and the Brixton Brawler. Following that, he battled in numerous wrestling championships in the United Kingdom, facing some of the greatest. He came to popularity after joining the Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) in 2002. Roy made a name for himself in the wrestling world after defeating Scotty Rock, Mark Sloan, and Paul Trevell in a four-way match for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance All-England title at FWA Carpe Diem.

He had a falling out with his father in 2004, and instead of wrestling for his father’s promoted WAW (World Association of Wrestling), he began his fantastic career with FWA. He decided to take a break from wrestling in 2006 due to health concerns. Roy made a return in 2007 and vanquished Erik Isaksen the following year to become the first British wrestler to hold the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

Roy Bevis
Roy Bevis with his family

He then began competing in tag team matches, where he established a formidable team with his brother Zak Knight. They were known as the UK Hooligans, and they won several tag team championships, including the HEW Tag Team Championships and the RQW European Tag Team Championships.

Family, Relatives, and Other Relationships of Roy Bevis:

He was the son of wrestlers Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya (Step-mother). He has a wrestler step brother named Zak Zodiac and a stepsister named Paige (Actress and Wrestler).

Private life of Roy Bevis :

Bevis was sentenced to nine months in prison for drunk driving in September 2004. After throwing a bottle of beer all over a pub and owning a knife on a night out, Bevis was detained in June 2005 for breach of the peace, possessing an offensive weapon, and assaulting an officer.

Roy Bevis
Professional wrestler Roy Bevis

Bevis, a striker for Thetford Town FC, knocked a referee unconscious during a match in August 2005 after being shown a red card. Bevis was no longer playing for or involved with Thetford Town FC following the incident.

Surprising / Interesting Facts & Rumours:

  • He won the World Heavyweight Championship of the WAW three times.
  • In 2009, Bevis was sentenced to nine months in prison for drunk driving.
  • Bevis, who once played as a striker for Thetford Town FC, knocked down a referee in an unconscious state after being shown a red card in 2005.

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