Sandy Nails

Sandy Nails: Introduction

When it comes to Sandy Nails, texture is everything right now. And forget about the felt nails that were popular a few months ago—sandy nails are the way to go.

Yes, nails that look like they’ve been dipped in sand (but were actually put together with special sand-textured nail polish) are all the rage right now. It can also look very different depending on how you wear it.

You can…Use texture to bring life to a dull colour, Go for it in a jewel tone—it’ll be completely unexpected. Wear it with a metallic colour for an edgy look, or with red for a ruby slippers look.

Even though it’s the dead of winter, you can bring a little bit of the beach to your nail art with the latest manicure trend. The sandicure is exactly what it sounds like: a manicure with sand on top.

The sandicure is an adorable and super simple way to spice up your typical mani or pedi, coined by Lauren Dunne, co-founder of Washington, DC-based nail salon Varnish Lane. Dunne’s inspiration is something to which we can all relate: a desire to stay on vacation indefinitely. She says that sprinkling island sand on freshly pedicured toes truly keeps the vacation alive, and that it’s a great transition to spring and summer looks.

Ready to give it a shot? This is how it’s done: Sandy Nails

1. Apply a base coat to your nails to protect them and make the look last.

2. Apply two coats of polish. Dunne suggests going with a bright colour like coral to match the beach theme.

3. Take a pinch of sand (available at home improvement stores) and lightly sprinkle it over your nails. To ensure that the second coat of polish adheres, do this immediately after applying it.

4. Wait three to five minutes for the sand to settle.

5. Apply a clear protective polish to your manicure to complete it.

As a result, it’s a fun look with the interest of glitter but without the sparkle, making it a modern way to wear texture (Sandy Nails).

Creative Angle

It’s not difficult to incorporate a beachy feel into your winter wardrobe. Sand can be obtained from a local home supply store or by going to the beach. Then you are ready to begin!

Sandy Nails
Class of Sandy Nails

Marton suggests using a colour that contrasts with the beige hue of sand to achieve this look. Use a neon colour to make it really stand out. Begin by applying polish in the usual manner. But the fun begins with the last coat of nail polish, she says. While the polish is still wet, sprinkle sand over toes or nails where you are sandicuring, using only a small amount of sand, and then tap your toe to remove any excess sand that may be on your skin.

Marton suggests doing this over newspaper or in a bathtub because sand can be messy. She also suggests adding a thin layer of top coat to seal in the sand because it’s still cold outside for many of us, necessitating closed-toe shoes. Make sure it’s a thin layer so you don’t lose the sand effect texture, she added.

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