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It’s nearly that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the beginning of spring—I’m talking about the beginning of Taurus season I follow the calendar year exclusively by astro signs, tyvm. As a nail-obsessed beauty editor, my favourite way to celebrate each zodiac sign’s season is with a new nail look that’s perfectly tailored to their vibe. Taurus prefers patterns and colours that are bougie without being extra, relaxed without being boring, cute without being cheesy—you get the picture. The best Taurus nail designs to try if you were born between April 19 and May 20 are listed below (Taurus Nails).

Taurus Romantic Nails Design

Don’t pass up this romantic manicure idea, Taurus. With a thin striper brush, write the word “love” on your first four fingers, followed by a cute heart on your thumb.

Recreate it using: Color Hit Mani Nail Polish by Sephora

Taurus Blue Gradient Nails

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single nail colour just because you’re a low-key Taurus. These blue gradient nails are both cool and one-of-a-kind.

Use Nash and Pino Blue hues to recreate it.

Metallic Green Tips on Taurus Nails

Confession: I used to believe that French manicures had to have white tips… However, this is incorrect. Look at these metallic green tips, for example. They’re exciting, unexpected, and ideal for a Taurus.

Recreate it using: Shifting Ultra Chrome Nail Polish by ILNP

Taurus Nails in Negative Space

These minimalist negative-space nail is ideal for your drama-free Taurus personality. To recreate the look at home, grab some white nail polish and some nail tape.

Amazon Nail Art Striping Tape Lines Kit can be used to replicate it.

Taurus Pastel Ombré Nail

This Taurus-inspired manicure is similar to tie-dye T-shirts, but way cooler. It’s an excellent way to incorporate two colours into your nail look without looking *too* flashy.

Use Pear Nova Tokyo Afterglow to recreate it.

Taurus Nails by Designer

Taurus is obsessed with luxury, and nothing says luxury like a set of designer nails, right? Choose your brand and get to the salon as soon as possible.

Recreate it using: Red Nail Lacquer Nail Polish by OPI

Taurus Nails
Class of Taurus Nails

Taurus Nails with Half-Moon Sparkle

There’s no better way to show off your moody side than with these stunning half-moon nails. They have just enough edge to remind people who they’re dealing with.

Make your own with Amazon Nail Glitter.

These Green Taurus Nail Because Taurus is an earth sign, this wavy nail design in three shades of green (so earthy!) is ideal for your next manicure.

Make your own with People of Color Nail Polish in Lili’uokalani.

Gold French Tips for Taurus Nails

A great mani has the power to transform any plain old outfit, and these gold tips do just that. Whatever you’re wearing will instantly look more luxurious and in keeping with your Taurus personality.

Make your own using: Sephora Color Hit Mini Nail Polish

Taurus Nails
Class of Taurus Nail

These Taurus Nails are Symmetrical

This symmetrical nail pattern is extremely pleasing to the eye and perfectly complements the calming Taurus mood. Before adding the lines, make sure your base colour is completely dry. It indeed tell about Taurus Aesthetic.

Make it with Pear Nova, My Candy Rain, and Turquoise Crème.

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